More value to every drop

Not just increase in yield, but increase your income as well.

The story

The genesis of an Idea

~ A strong belief is the genesis of an idea that can change the course of humanity

The human mind is amazing creation.. it only creates what it believes

Farmers in India face double whammy, if the produce is good there is abundance in market & price is low. If the produce is bad, there is a loss anyways.

We address the profitability of the farm produce, through our product.

How does it work

Profitability over productivity

A farmer gets a detailed picture of cost benefit analysis, based on predicted price at the time of harvest. A

Pericision control, delivery & tracking

The fertigation unit fine tunes the delivery of water & fertilizers to the crops adopting the changing environmental factors.

Optimal profit by matching

The fertigation unit can pre-pone or post-pone the harvest period by changing quantity of nutrients delivered to crop.

Pilot project

Fertigation unit in operation at a farm in Amravati district, Maharashtra. The unit is retrofitted over existing instracture of irrigation at the farm, requires no investment in installation.

Meet the team

The Wizard

Chaitannya Mahatme

Chaitannya Mahatme

Electronics Engineer who has more faith in technology than god. 12+ years experience. His primary role is to weave technology into a magical idea.

The Jedi

Sachit Hegde

Sachit Hegde

5+ years of experience in business development with great insights of finance, currently pursuing CA. He fights his battle to win the day for vizlabs.

The Yoda

Prakash Mahatme

Prakash Mahatme

35+ years of experience in Agriculture sector. Originally his idea to bring automation to common man.

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Maharashtra, India

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